i didnt touch any book in the entire day…and dont plan to either. yet it was a long day. started with getting up late…then attended a rather nice talk about careers in corporate and investment banking by Mr. Sanjiv Bhasin, CEO Rabo India Finance (Ex-CEO HSBC India). good stuff…

then started work on preparing the questions for the dumb-c and pictionary rounds. had already got the books from A and S (thanks!)..so movies, event, personalities remained.

then went to participate in the inter section frisbee competition. was awesome fun. we won…and have got through the semi finals. i guess they will be held tomorrow..or maybe day after.

then got back to questions…meet up with S to discuss the proceedings…and then finally the event started at 7. it went decently well. except for one round wherein i goofed up with the questions.in hindsight the round shouldnt have been there in the first place.

anyways…just came from S and E’s place. watched some tv after a gigillion years. had a terrible headache which has actually gone away. they are really very sweet sweethearts…! :)

however…at the end of the day..i am feelin bad. i almost shouted at R today…just cause i was tired and she apparently wasnt listening to me. feeling really bad right now. sorry dear…i really am.

looking forward to a longer day tom..packed with studies. E will be giving me company…