Almost a week has passed since the last entry…and a lot has happened…(as always). The campus is amazingly different. Its hard to visualize this state when you first enter ISB. You know…you have this… “oh, it will be courses and a lot of work…and then finally a job”…! Somehow…no one can actually predict…or even begin to imagine…the period between one preparing for a job and eventually getting one.

People are talking a different language…suddenly the newspaper is the hottest commodity on campus…CNBC the best channel…10 lakhs is passé…and London/NY is cool…!

The Pre-placement talks got over last evening…and quite a few of the companies are looking really good. They are taking advantage of a bullish economy and I have no reasons to believe that the placements this year shall be much better than last years.

Had the privilege of interacting with the MD of ICICI Securities, Mr. Mukherjee, last evening. Its so amazing to see people who have achieved possibly everything that we at this stage wish to achieve…and yet be the most down to earth and humble people around. During his conversation with his colleagues I overheard him say “Mr. Damodaran called me just when I was boarding the flight. He is really excited about the conference. That’s so nice of him. It will be an honor to meet him” (Damodaran is possibly the most prolific corporate finance professor in the world right now. Teaches at Stern, NYU.). Now, I have a strong respect for damodaran…but then at some level one is led to question whether he can even come close to the power that Mr. Mukherjee enjoys. And yet he chooses to acknowledge Damodaran’s greatness.

Its not an easy thing to do…and I know this…! Truly amazing…!

I guess at some level…the best thing that ISB has offered me…is the chance to interact with possibly the most powerful and smartest individuals all across the world. And realize that if there is one thing that binds almost all of them…its their humility. I would consider myself lucky if I could reach even half of where they are…on this front…!


So…the happenings…! Had a party this Saturday…the last one before everyone plunges into the rat race. Was quite a dud party…not many people turned up…! but then ok…I enjoyed myself…was very tired though from the 4 hours of cricket early in the day…!

ISB’s management, this year, had constituted a new set of awards for overall contribution in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities towards promoting the ISB brand. 4 students were awarded the ISB young leader award and a set of 34 were awarded the ISB Torchbearers Award.
A very nice way of appreciating the efforts of so many people…who in their own little way have played a crucial role in maintaining the honor of ISB. Congrats to the winners…!

The BCG shortlist came out. And the minute that happened there were a series of mails sent across…with mostly the following concerns:

  1. 23 students find a presence in both the McK and BCG list. Damn!
  2. What the hell will happen on the 1st day…all these guys will end up with the jobs…and ultimately choose just 1…! Which means disastrous job losses…!

The PLACOM has been thinking on how to handle this…and we met up last night…and this afternoon. A lot was discussed and I think we have a structure in place. It needs to be tested 1st before the actual launch…so the next few days shall be dedicated to the same.

Lets see how it goes…!

Lots to look forward to…! Lots…!