Managing people has got to the toughest thing in the world. As you grow professionally, the demand to work well with your colleagues grows exponentially. At some point, I believe that people are paid to manage people rather their technical skills.

But it still amazes me how many manage through their managerial style. While its always easier to manage through the other person’s style. How many times has a manager asked his colleagues – “Tell me about your working style. I will manage you accordingly”

Every manager starts with the assumption that his colleagues know nothing and have to be told, micromanaged. A simple conversation will eliminate this pan-team requirement by half. Sadly it doesn’t happen.

It’s perhaps obvious. A blanket style (yours) is easier to work with. But then that’s not why you were chosen, why you are paid.

Manage people through their style. It’s immensely hard, but immensely impactful.