If you are new to a field, here’s a 3-step process to help you learn effectively:

  1. Pick up online courses related to the field.

The Internet allows everyone to be a student and learn from the best teachers available. Do that.

  1. Join an online community around the field.

Facebook groups, Reddit forums, WhatsApp groups, Discord servers – get yourself immersed in the topic and hang around people who live and love the field.

  1. Pick up projects/internships.

Do it for free, if needed. Just learn. Get challenged. Seek feedback.
There is no better way to learn.

These 3 things, even over a 1-month timeline (close to 20-30hrs), will make you go from zero to the top 10% of people in the field.

From here on – the curve will, of course, be steeper.
But you got yourself a good start.