I am the best result I know – of a genetic socioeconomic lottery. 

Born into a family that loved me immensely, inculcated the right value system, could afford quality educated, provided food and shelter. 

Nothing even remotely as bad as most people in the world have. All this, for no hard work on my part. 

Lottery, as I called it. 

Something I should have been grateful about. 

Just that I wasn’t. For the longest time in my life. 

Just because I worked hard, and thought right, I felt the world owed me results. 

I felt I deserved more. 

Not because others felt so. Because I thought I was entitled to it. 

It was only much later and through a set of life-altering experiences, that I realized entitlement to be the worst enemy of success. 

And I have worked hard since then to abolish this sense from within. 

And as I am learning about what’s working, what is not, and more importantly why do we behave the way we do when it comes to entitlement, I find myself applying these learnings to how I act as a parent 

If there was only one lesson that Vidur could take from me, it would be 

Grateful for everything. Entitled to nothing.