On my way to the gym there is a corner which always have a bunch of college students trying to hitch a ride.
I stop mostly. And have a nice morning chat before dropping them in front of the gates, which incidentally little more than a km away.
For the past few mornings I didn’t.

And I noticed that further along the road are some kids walking this path. At times trying to hitch, uncomfortably. But clearly ahead of the herd that stopped for someone to pick them up.

I gave a ride to one of them this morning. And it was a conversation that was the most fascinating ever. About his favorite subject in college.

That set me thinking. We humans are suckers for the herd. We gave undue importance to a mass gathering. Thinking that’s where the action is.
While there may be someone ahead of this mass. Not looking for help. Just walking their way through. At times charting their own path.

It’s usually the usual that attracts instantly.
It’s usually the unusual that delivers the most.
When hiring
When investing
When dating

At times, let’s try and give the mass a miss.