Most of us have been raised to study, work hard and get a comfortable job.

Except that most of us want to pursue something else that we love. So we work toward it. Waiting for that big break. Waiting for someone to recognise us. Or the least, to get at least one chance.

If we work hard and if we’re lucky, we somehow get that chance. 

But what happens after that chance? Do we work harder or do we become complacent? Do we underpromise and overdeliver or do we commit and don’t fulfill it? Do we become more fierce or do we lose our fire?

Shah Rukh Khan was once asked the reason behind his success, to which he replied, “Most people work hard to get a chance. But no one works as hard as me after getting a chance.”

Working hard when you don’t even have to, gives success when you don’t even ask for it.