It’s been a while since I have spoken to Oliver Samwer. But I track him closely. If I were 13 I would call it a man-crush

Here is a guy who has probably told himself – I want to be the most powerful and aggressive guy in the Internet space. Not for money (he has plenty, I assume), or fame (he doesn’t even give interviews easily) or glory (his business model will always have more cynics than believers).
But for the sake of building things – faster than anybody else. And better, in most cases.
For the sake of creating a massive global footprint which a lot of companies would fear to ever discuss.

He chose to tell himself – I will not do just one thing in my life. Because I don’t want to live just once.

I use Oli as a proxy for how I wish to (and have) lived my life. Doing just one thing is such a waste. I have 87,600 hours for the next 10 years. So why not do 8 things for 10,000 each!

Master of a skill.
Jack of all trades that use that skill.