My sister Radhika recently reached 100K followers on Instagram (@a.dancers.tale)

She is a dancer, loves dancing, is good at it and creates content around that. Over the 2 years that she has been creating content, she found a unique niche. Sitting dance. Where she would use her hands, her face and her upper body to emote the song and convert it into an experience for the audience.

Every reel of hers requires planning.

Selecting the song.
Thinking of the choreography.
Then the costume, makeup.
Then shooting it (by herself).
Repeated takes.
Editing (again by herself).

It seems like such a massive effort to me.

While I record 7 reels in 30 mins or so, she takes 2 hours to shoot one!
But she loves it.
What seems like effort to me, is not an effort for her.

And, she does it while having a day job as a university professor.

This is what authenticity brings.
It brings consistency.

We can NEVER be consistent with something we do not want to do, something that is not authentically us, something that we have to pretend to like.

We can only be consistent if we choose to be ourselves.
Effort becomes pleasurable then.

The world sees effort.
We simply see ourselves!