today has been busy since morning…and fun too. got up for the paper viewing of Decision Models and Optimization (DMO) for term 2. have done decently well…just praying for an A. lets hope i manage one…though i have a feelin it wont come easy.

attended section B’s managerail accounting class. prof sridharan is an awesome prof..but someone (maybe it will be me..if he is reading this) needs to tell him that we graduated from class 8 some 10 billion years ago…and so adding 20 and 40 and coming up with 60 isnt that big a deal. at some level i really respect the fact that he is trying to come down to our level and make things easy for us. but then at the mba level you dont want someone telling you that life is going to be 20+40=60 easy. infact its never gonna be 60 ever again…! anyways…

then clicked a lot of snaps (and o man i love this so much…!!) at the Capital Markets Symposium (CAF). infact last evening i had gone to the airport to receive Mr. Ravi Narain, CEO, National Stock Exchange. he was one of the panel members for the discussion this afternoon. we had a good conversation on our wey back..with moments of silence as well. i was going through my last 2 terms to see if i could come up with some intelligent question. and damn..was i good. a typical 5 minutes….

Ankur: so you are an econ grad from cambridge. that must have been wonderful…learning eco from the best place possible.
Narain: oh yes it was…great place. but then i always wanted to do finance and i regret not haven taken math or physics instead.
Ankur (to himself): okkkkkkk…so its finance now..
1 minute of silence
Ankur (to himself): dude…come up with a good finance question…cmon
another minute of silence
another 30 seconds
Ankur (about to jump off the car): so…finance, interesting subject.howz the weather now in mumbai…!!!
Narain (to himself)…DUD…!!

anyways…back to the symposium today. it was great. i was the ‘unofficial’ photographer and it was awesome to be clicking after so many days. had a good hour..

ruched after that to change…to my sports gear (yah right…!). had the semi-final of the frisbee tournament. and it was some mighty kickass fun. we rocked right from the start…and ‘ran’ to a 5-2 victory.

have to study quite a bit this weekend. let me get back to that….