I love the month of October. It has a festive feel to itself, with the weather changing, the discounts increasing, Dusshera and Durga Puja celebrations. This year however, Delhi wore a festive look early on itself with the CWG. I still recall how scared I was for India, during the runup to the games and whatever was being splashed in the media. While at one hand, its easy to dismiss India’s objective to hold these events in the first place (and honestly, I dont quite disgaree with Mani’s point of view on the games), its something that we had brought upon ourselves. And we had no choice but to deliver.

It was the night of October 01 that I finally felt that we would do it! I recall the drive through Lutyens Delhi and it was a feeling I had last experienced while walking on the India Gate Grass on Aug 15th, 1997 (India’s 50th Independence Year). The city was dressed like a bride, prim proper, shining infrastructure!

And it does seem we have done it. The games ended, I managed to catch 2 days of action (pics below) and feel sad that the festivity is over. I loved the crowds we bumped into at the stadium, the metro ride to the venues, the thrill of watching India win and pride when the Anthem was played.

Unfortunately (and I hope not), we all will forget that the games were not the best prepared for, just because they happened to be fantastically managed through the days. But such is India. Public memory is short and the same media which was blasting its own country cannot help praising it today.

I will admit. Even while I respect Mani’s views, a part of me wants to witness the Olympics in my lifetime, in India.

Proud to be a delhilite. Proud to be an Indian