When a baby elephant is born, one of its legs is tied to a chain.
It doesn’t have much strength as a baby, so it cannot break it and run away.

Tired of trying over and over again, the baby elephant finally gives up. It has now accepted this chain as the new normal.

Over some time, it grows up to become an adult, fully mature elephant.
A strong elephant capable of breaking away from the chains that have held it all this while.
However, it still doesn’t break that chain.
It still believes: “I have tried and I haven’t succeeded.. What is the point of even trying anymore?”

And that’s our story as well. 

We have become stronger, yet we believe we cannot break past the chain.
We have the power, yet we lack the courage.
We know we can move forward today, yet we decide to live like who we were yesterday.

What if we asked ourselves: “Am I still tied to a chain that I couldn’t break in the past?”

You are one day stronger today.  You have the strength. All you need is courage. To break the chain. Of your mind.