rumor has it that ‘someone’ acknowledged in class he is not straight…! rumor also has it that due to his level 5 benevolance the Corp Fin mid-term stands cancelled. finally…rumor has it that whenever i stand infront of the mirror…i can see that bastardo…!

life was pretty sweet this weekend. thanks to the national holiday, the friday strain of the mid-terms wasnt felt as hard. woke up all days at obnoxious timings…and slept at times to the same effect. did not study for more than 15 seconds at a strecth…and didnt even watch any movies. yah…attended a lot of talks, debates and what have yous..!

with only 2 weeks to go for the finals…and with not much clarity on what exactly happens in class…i can see the going rather smooth..! the managerial accounting class is still quite ‘exciting’ and manages to keep everyone awake…including the prof..! corp fin was good till the point the prof said…”i am not going to do any quant in this class…” and then proceeded to handle some calculus level math (ok..exxagerated…but u get the point…!). however…the class is quite amazing. i can see why i would like finance as a major.

OM is pretyt neat. the new prof (prof deshmukh) is quite cute…and good at his stuff. he goes through the entire exercise in a rather elaborate manner…making sure that everyone awake surely graps what happens. the new entrepreneruship prof was also quite good in his first class…!

so lookin forward to a the last few weeks…and then an awesome time in the break. oh yah..the placement feelin has started sinking in..with 2 organizations coming down for their presentations. need to start some serious work on this front.

rest all good…promise to keep writing regularly…apologize for not doing so…