If you are reading this review to figure out whether you should go for the movie or not, you are wasting your time. I would suggest you go!

If you have already seen the movie, you know you are wasting your time!

Avatar is a not so great movie, made fantastically. I honestly went in expecting something like the Titanic, a decent story done well with special effects. Avatar is one-third the story and 2000 times the special effects!

Jake Sully is an Ex-Marine and even though paralyzed waist down is recruited for a critical mission because his DNA matches his twin (dead) brother’s! Mission is to enter the world of Pandora (not to be confused with the box’s owner!) through a mixed breed (of the local community and humans) called Avatar, mingle with the local community and eventually persuade them to move from their current habitat. Because beneath that lies the most abundant resource of an element unobtanium (who thought of that name!!) which is the only way to save Earth.

And as expected…(and ala SRK) Jake’s Avatar merges a lot more than needed, with the local community, falls in love with the chief’s daughter (are they usually the one chicks around…why not the sweeper’s daughter…or the chef’s…why always the chief!!)…and eventually comes on their side. The climax is a battle between the humans and the locals, in which not surprising the locals win simply because animals matched with bows and arrows can anyday fight stun guns and AK47s!

However, what lies in between the story, is this entire, almost independent story of how Neytiri (the chief’s daughter) shows Jake ‘their’ ways…! Thats what James Cameroon has used to showcase the beauty of special effects. Pandora has been created in a  breath-taking manner, the relationship of the locals with nature has been expressed sensitively…

Its not a bad movie at all…cmon…we are from the land of “Om Shanti Om” and “Rab Ne Bana Di something something”…

My opinion is…that dude has spent 2,000 crores in making this jazz….you can surely spend 200 bucks…!

And hey…do watch it on a big 3d screen…

Rating: 2.5/5