there are things that i hate about myself (and not surprisingly…such moments generally happen every 86,400th second…and last for 86,400 seconds…!)

  • there are 3 mails in my inbox to which i havent replied to…and i was supposed to do so 3 days back
  • there is still chapter 8 of Investments that i havent read…when i was supposed to…6 hours back
  • there are still clothes lying in my room (with enough bacteria to make the clothes walk…!) waiting to be washed
  • there is still the GSB article to be read for tomorrow
  • there is still the retro party night that i didnt mention so far in my blog…and whose pics i havent posted
  • i still feel the need to blog and not attend to the above

but then…life is all about 24hrs…right…and i guess i am managing well.

the last 3 days have been hectic…non-academically. friday nigth started with the competitive strategy paper viewing (an exam that i gave in my past life when i used to work as a goldsmith in birmingham!). did bad when i look around…but then cant help it.

then the retro night party took place…which rocked like nobody’s business. A – thanks dude for the wonderful organization. you deserve all the accolades coming your way…i know how much you put into each event that you organize. keep it up.

the party had people looking at their craziest best (and some people acting at their craziest best…for information sake…we have a ‘tina turner’ on campus…!). V rocked…and M was looking truly retro. even N was good…and so were so many others.

saturday started early morning with a case competition. it was on the channel V and MTV rivalry in india…and designing strategies for both. went well…we expected the 1st position…got the 3rd one…and missed the 4th by one point…! so much so for over confidence…

today was good fun…attended an outstanding talk by Mr. T. N. Seshan…one hell of a gentleman. truly brilliant…in thought and in action. then studied for a bit…had an interesting conversation with G…went to the Bullfight (inter section debate – conducted amazing well by S and S) and now back to studies.

its technically the time when i should switch off and say bye bye…so…you are free to wander off to another webpae..cause what follows is most probably not of any concern to you…

S: always know who you are…and always respect for that. do not let anyone take away the pride that you should feel in being you…

E: no matter who you are…where you are…what you do…there will always be people who will like you. and you should derive your strength from them…and remember…you look really pretty when you smile..! :)

R: i just love you…the way i have loved no one else…….ever….!