I started my newsletter 156 weeks back (exactly 3 years) and have never missed a week!

It started all over the place.
I didn’t know what to share, how much to share, and how much to ask.

Over time, I found my rhythm.

All through the journey though – one thing never changed.
That I write my newsletter with the aim of helping you.
And every week – through the hundreds of emails I receive (YES, I do read ALL the replies), I know this aim is being served.

With this 3-year anniversary, I wish to bring one more change.

Make this email about you!

Every week, you get to ask me questions – these could be personal questions, generic questions, anything.
And every week I will pick up 3 questions to answer, keeping your identity private.

To know how, read the newsletter here: https://bit.ly/44jVbpK