What’s the difference between a product company and a service company?

A service company reacts.
Reacts to the requirements of the client, to the situation, to the context.

A product company preempts.
Preempts the requirements, the situation, the context.


A service company keeps asking, “What do they think about us?”
A product company keeps asking, “How do they feel when with us?”


We meet people all the time.
Online. Offline.
New people.
People we’ve already met.


And quite often, we’re also asking the same question: “What are they thinking about us?”

What if we thought of ourselves as a product?

What if we asked ourselves: 

What emotions do we leave people with? 

How do they feel with us, instead of about us? 

What’s the experience they have with us?


When we ask this question, we think less about what people think about us and more about giving them a phenomenal experience. 

We think of ourselves as a product, as against a service.