Are exams urgent or important?
How do you manage your time during exams? 

I’d say exams are both urgent and important.
Ideally, nothing else should take up space in your mind during those days. 

What this means is – you won’t have time to pursue your passion, create content, or do anything else on the side during that time.

And that’s okay.

What this means is, that during your exams, your exams are a priority. Both urgent, and important.
You ought to do your best at it, and not regret it at all.

Once they are over, you can get back to your rhythm effortlessly. Easily. And happily.

The ones who manage their time well don’t do everything everyday, but they know they can get back to their routine if they get off the track, if that happens.

This is the beauty of life. You can decide whatever you want to do, whenever you want to – if you have built a strong foundation of routine.