1. Failure + Reflection = Learning

When we say that failure leads to learning, it is a lie.
Everyone fails in their life.
But not everyone learns something from their failure.

There is something that exists between failure and learning.

It is reflection.
Reflecting on what happened.

For example:

“What did I not know back then, that I know today?”
“What belief did I have back then, that I know is not true today?”

2. Discipline + Progress = Motivation

Progress is a critical component for motivation.

If we do not measure our progress, or worse, measure the wrong movement, we will eventually lose motivation.
EVEN IF we are actually progressing.
It is like going to the gym without any mirrors, any weighing scale, or any measuring tapes.

Even if you show up everyday and are getting fit, you will eventually quit.
Because you can’t FEEL progress.

3. Consistency + Authenticity = Personal brand

Your personal brand is the emotion generated in others when they think of you.
It is made up of the values you stand for.

With that definition, EVERYONE out there has a personal brand.
It is the reach that differs.

Your brand gets built by what you do consistently, to the extent of becoming predictable, and what you do authentically, to the extent that people see the same version of you, irrespective of where they see you.

If you are unpredictable, or put up a façade, that’s what your brand will become.