These three words can lead to massive success in your career:


What does it mean?

– Focusing on the outcome of your work and not just the output.
“What is my work going to achieve?”
– Doing your work in a way that no one needs to ever follow-up on you
– Taking full responsibility for your actions – success and failure both.

What happens when you do this?

– Your confidence in yourself rises

– Builds your manager’s trust in you

– You are positively unpredictable in your work, making you indispensable.

– You live with an entrepreneurial mindset while working at a job. And that’s precious!

“So what if this is not my job? It is someone’s job and if I am aware of it, I will either help them do it, or I will do it myself. Because I can.”

This mindset is what the best people I have worked with always have in common. 

Not something that money can buy.