Everyday, I interact with people in their 20s, who feel “old”.
They feel lost, because they are not yet “settled”.
They do not know what their purpose is!

Let me share with you my perspective.

I am 41, and I cannot even begin to tell you how young 41 feels!
In my 20 years of professional life, I have changed 5 careers.

I studied to become a space scientist, then dropped out.
I became a consultant, then quit to startup.
Started up and quit to join a large startup.
Quit the large startup to startup on my own again.
Quit the startup to create content.
Today, I am FAR AWAY from the 20 year old Ankur who wanted to become a space scientist.

And I am still not settled!

I don’t know what will happen next.
So you my friend, who are MUCH younger – the possibilities are endless!
Your future is yours.
Only when you chose not to settle.
Instead, keep exploring.