The Industrial Age it seems was built on information asymmetry. People were powerful not because of what they did but because of what they knew. 

And I hate that world. 

  • Closed door strategy meetings 
  • Getting your colleagues to sign endless non compete documents 
  • Being secretive about your financials 
  • Being secretive about salaries 
  • NDAs floating all over 

All of these are beautiful examples of a misplaced sense of self importance. That we know better. 

But we don’t. 

Nor does anyone else, just because they have access. 

I know that if one puts in even the slightest effort, the groupon india financials will be easily available. And it doesn’t bother me one bit. Because those are just numbers. They don’t tell a story. They don’t speak of the effort. Of what it took! Just the same way me knowing Amazon financials will not make me Amazon! 

Imagine a world, where you get up one fine day and all the information is available to you. 

  • Who earns what, And why
  • What’s the cost structure of that company 
  • What’s the next campaign of your competition
  • When is the government announcing tax cuts
  • Have aliens visited us

Everyone knows everything. 

Suddenly, the only way for me to become better than you, is to work harder and smarter than you. I know nothing more than you. 

That’s a world I would die to live in!