An ex-colleague wrote in, asking a very interesting question

“Now that your videos and content have picked up a lot, how does the attention feel? What’s it like to be on the other end of inspiration?”

It’s a lot of pressure

And the only perpetual overwhelming feeling is that of being humbled

Pressure, because I am suddenly conscious of whether I am making sense, whether I am making the content any easier to be absorbed, whether this is even relevant content, am I qualified enough to even speak on this?

Humbled because people are writing in and sharing such fascinating personal journeys, acknowledging how the content came just at the right time. One can’t help but feel blessed to be at the receiving end of such gratitude

But more than anything else, it’s the confirmation that inspiration perhaps has a start but surely no end.

I continue to “chase” inspiration – find it in the usual spots (books, videos, podcasts) but also in the most unexpected of places or people (kids particularly)

And thus I believe, I will never truly know how it feels to be at the other end of inspiration

And I am glad about that :)