Nothing – there isnt anything that I like about Delhi!


So Ruchi and I are out for a movie, part of our busy jobless life schedule, that we are approached by this 21-yr old. The presence of the camera guy suggests that she is a journo and yes, she turns out to be one!

“Can we please have you say a few words on the things you dont like about Delhi?”

“Nothing – there isnt anything that I like about Delhi! The problem that Delhi faces, all cities do. I can crib, but that doesnt mean anything.”

“No, I mean there must be something. Like the CWG or the Ayodhya Verdict!”

“I liked the CWG…really…and exactly how is the Ayodhya verdict related to not liking stuff in Delhi”

“No, just say anything that comes to your mind. Just 2 mins…please, please please!”

“Ok alright! (camera rolling, silence and ACTION). The thing I dont like about Delhi is that inspite of being the capital, it doesnt have anything to offer beyond malls and food! Very little in the name of nice parks, or a theater culture, or monuments. There is a lot but its shadowed by these glass buildings”

“ummmm…(whatever)… whats the first word that comes to your mind when you think of bureaucrats?”

“(WTF, what!!??) Nothing specific. What do you want me to say, corruption?”

“Corruption? So how do you think we can deal with corruption. Will these bureaucrats ever be brought to justice?”


And thats how journalism is done nowadays. A pretty 21 yr old wearing red nail polish, a cameraman whose creative talent is considered 1/10th infront of the verbal power that the lady has, and a citizen that is driven to say what the media wants, not want he wants to say!

Its my observation – industries that have long survived on low margins, soon end up placing a bunch of fools in their organization. Not just at the bottom, but right at the top too. Some are surely good, most are clueless. Media is one such industry.