Choice 1 – Nothing matters. Whatever good or bad I do, the world still remains the same.
So, I choose not to care.

Choice 2 – Everything matters. My every step, big or small, makes a difference. And every difference I make, I feel a sense of pride.
Even if it means occasional discomfort, I choose to be responsible. 

Choice 3 – Nothing matters, unless I can get others to make similar choices for better.
I choose to build communities where everyone comes together to make a difference.

Choice 4 – No matter how much we try, the larger world behaves the same.
People don’t change unless the entire landscape is changed.
Everything and everyone matters, so I choose to design the new way!

Choice 1 is that of an Observer.
Choice 2 is of a Doer.
Choice 3 is of a Leader.
Choice 4 is of an Inventor.

Read again :)