Pushkar was an unexpected surprise. I hate religious places and the likes of Haridwar and Rishikesh have done more damage to my belief in god than Swami Nithyanand! I still believe in god though, but surely not the way these places preach and teach!

But Pushkar was far better. Clean lake, beautiful market with warm friendly people who actually speak Hindi in India (you have got to go to Udaipur to understand what I mean), not out there to get you and rob you! The occasion was our anniversary and we stayed at a nice eco-resort 10kms ahead of Pushkar – strongly recommended for its luxury and service (nevermind the average food!) – The Green House Resort, Pushkar

While the cuisine spread is quite impressive (and natural, considering the international tourists), the quality is quite average. Nonetheless, the good places to eat would be “Out of the blue (on the main Pushkar Market Road), Raju Restaurant (same location, with a nice view of the lake) and Sixth Sense (Closer to the bus-stand, in the Haveli Inn)

Some clicks from the place!