As cave people in the stone ages, there was just one rule of success


If you survived, you would reproduce and that allowed your tribe, your community to move ahead

So do whatever it takes to not killed by an animal, get hit by the weather or murdered by a known one

And that has evolved our bodies in a fashion where they will do anything at all to adopt to the environment and not die

We can use the thousands of years of conditioning, to our advantage (or not)

Because our bodies are still, constantly, in survival mode

OMG, this individual is lifting weights everyday. I need to build muscles to cope up with it

Awesome, this guy eats frequently. I don’t need to conserve – I can keep burning

Oh sweet, this person is always in the present. I don’t have to keep pinging with in the head, with my inner chatter


Well – if he just sits all day why do I need to build anything to help him walk or run?

If you don’t eat right or regularly, I will have to store – to survive

Going back and forth between the past and future seems to be your favorite hobby. Sure – let’s make it happen

We don’t need to tell our body what we want from it

We just need to decide what we want it to be