I write every day.
Not type.

Unfortunately, most of us don’t.
Not anymore.

Writing has been replaced by videos, typing, and digital pens.
And we have lost a huge part of our evolution.

Here is why writing matters.

When we write, we tell our brain that what we are writing is important.
That is why our parents (unaware of the logic) used to tell us to write the things down that we were trying to memorize.
Because the brain gets to know, “oh, this is important. That is why she is writing it down. Remember it!”

That is also why I always insisted people come to meetings at nearbuy.com (the startup I used to run) with notebooks. And not just laptops.
“Write everything down. Because we forget”.

Which brings me to the second part of why writing matters.
Because we forget.

Our brain is always trying to optimise one thing.
Its energy spend.
It tries to spend the least amount of energy doing anything.

That is how habits work.

If something needs to be done everyday, the brain makes it into a habit.
Because then we dispense the least energy in following that habit.

And that also means, if we do not write it down, the brain goes, “I just heard or saw something. But it wasn’t being written down. So it must not be important. Forget it!”

So, when we write, our brain knows it’s important.
When we don’t write, we forget.