Last year, during my fitness transformation exercise, my coach Ajay (who also happens to be a colleague) gave me the best gift ever

A Nike dryfit tee, size medium 

It sticks to your body. Showing all your contours. 

I called it The embarrassment tee

“Wear it everyday to the gym. Your bulges will show, that extra mass that needs to be worked upon. You should feel embarrassed” 

Because then, you have two choices

  1. Stop wearing the tee to work
  2. Work so hard on yourself that the tee now looks good on you

The easy path

The right path

When you say sorry to the customer, you wear the embarrassment tee

When you apologize on behalf of someone, you wear the embarrassment tee

When you tell employees that we fucked up, you wear the embarrassment tee

When you own up to who you really are, with your mistakes, your shortcomings, but determined to work hard to overcome them 

You wear the embarrassment tee 

And that is any day better than wearing a loose fit tee of an awesome expensive brand.