Happiness is our nature as kids. If we enjoy something, we are in a state of flow doing it. If we don’t, we’ll cry our hearts out to make sure we don’t do it.

And then, we grow up. Unfortunately. And forget to make our happiness a priority.
We pursue courses that our family wants, marry someone because we’ve been told to, and end up living a life that is totally apart from how we would be happy living it.

In the pursuit of trying to make others happy and giving up our own, we realise we aren’t happy either. So, choosing our happiness is the safest option to ensure not only ours rather everyone else’s happiness.

How do we know if we are happy doing something? By asking two fundamental questions:

a. What about it makes me happy? b. Am I truly happy doing it?

It turns out, the happiest thing we could do to our happiness is live with it forever. That’s the most difficult yet the easiest thing to sign up for.