A lot of kids often reach out to me saying they are confused what to do next in life.

They don’t know what career path to pick, the obvious routes of the world do not make much sense to them, and certainly there is a lot of FOMO looking at others “knowing the answers” but they’re still “figuring it out.”

In such cases, joining a startup as an intern almost always helps.

You get to hang around with super curious people from different verticals, you get to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, and more than anything else, you understand that everyone is still figuring it out. No one’s really arrived.

That magic hanging around with people, makes you more aware of yourself.
It gives you a bit of nudge into what you want to do.
And if you still don’t know what to do, you will certainly know what not to do. And that’s priceless.

To explore the outside world, is one of the coolest ways to explore your inner world.