I am the head of the family. 

My job is to protect the family from all evil. 

To ward them off the bad news. 

To make their lives comfortable. And happy. And peaceful. 

It is my job to fight the evil. The bad news. The threats 

This is the family leadership style. The option I exercised all this while. And it dawns upon me that this option doesn’t drive engagement. Even motivation. 

The army leadership option is that of sharing the threat. 

We are (going to be) fucked. Here is why. And I need your help. Failure is not an option. 

You are likely to lose some people in this process. 

But the ones that will save you will be far more critical to your success than the one who continue delivering their best assuming it’s peacetime. 

Don’t assume people do not want to face the threat. They might surprise you.