When we are appreciated, we feel powerful. When criticised, the motivation goes down,
When the economy is at high, things look in control. When it plummets, so does our feeling of control.

Ever since our childhood, we were coined as “good boy” or “good girl” when we recited poetry in front of guests. Otherwise, we were just a shy kid not trying to open up. 

That conditioning led us to believing that we needed to depend on external factors to feel powerful. Or worse, it made us believe we could control them.

People’s responses, micro or macro are a product of their conditioning and moods. If not aware, the human brain is wandering in different directions and unable to control itself.

Thus, falling for others’ opinions is a recipe for disaster. It succumbs us into a false belief of valuing things that we cannot control.

True power is when we are able to do things that we can control (self talk, our habits, our mindset), instead of whining about things that we can’t.