Photography has been a passion that started around 1998, matured with my first SLR in 2003 and went through the roof (in terms of talent!:)) in 2007 with my first DSLR. I think I find most peace when I am with my camera, and I can spend hours just clicking.

I usually retain 40% of my clicked photographs and with a current collection of over 14,000 snaps, I must have clicked over 35,000 photos. In over 10 years! That averages around 10 photos each and every day for 10 years! Even if I took 20 seconds to click each snap, I have spent around 200 hours of my life clicking. That is way below the threshold of 10,000 hours that I need to have to achieve mastery! Damn!

(I have no idea why I started on this math trip!)

Some of the albums from the recent past

Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

Ladakh Trip August 2010

Delhi Night Shot May 2010

Chandni Chowk, Delhi

Ranthambore Trip

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