It is Appraisal month at Groupon. We had conducted the entire event last year in paper format and wanted to transfer all of it online.

In the hunt for a Performance Management Solution, we came across EmployWise – whom we have finally started working with. This is not an endorsement post, since we are yet to see its impact.

However, if their CEO’s words are anything to go by, it just might end up being a good move for us.

Sumeet Kapur, in our first meeting, made a point that I loved – it’s perhaps the single most obvious realization that I have had in the recent past.

“Never make the mistake of promoting someone based on their performance”

  1. The reward for performance should be monetary incentives
  2. A promotion, or the next level responsibility, is always a function of capability. Capability and performance are not always linked.

That makes SO much sense. It is not just a stark realization of the mistakes I have made in the past, but also such an obvious omission that happens every day, in every organization.

It is moments such as these, when I am reminded of what a close friend says all the time – “how can you not benefit from meeting people?”


The appraisals this year will be a very different exercise!