Those who know me well know that I grew up as a boy fascinated with Space and Astronomy. I wanted to always be the first man on Mars. The planet fascinated me. It captured my imagination.
Thereafter I gave up on the possibility of making this dream possible an academic perspective (when I dropped out of my PhD in Astrophysics). But the dream still lingers on – and hey, who knows!
But today, when I saw this video, it reminded me of a far bigger thing that just my dream. The video connected on several levels
(for a quick view, see the first 10 seconds, then skip to 2:50)
Thinking Long term
Is the hardest thing for people to appreciate
Is the easiest thing to dismiss
Is the most difficult to say yes to
Is what the world will tell you is not important right now
Is what will eventually define one’s existence
We are living in a world today where instant gratification is imagined to be the winner’s logic.
We live under that temptation everyday
Why are we not doing a TV ad today
Why aren’t we bringing all the features today
Why are we not running more aggressive promo codes today
Why aren’t we raising more money today
When the right question to ask is
What is it that I can be imagining today, doing today
something that a lot of people call stupid, or foolish or not important
so that day after tomorrow,
or even beyond,
I would have created something far bigger
than who I am today
Or will ever be