Since the past year, I have made some significant lifestyle changes:

1. Intermittent fasting for 18 hours (been doing it for 8+ months now). 

I have 2 meals a day – 11am and 4:30pm with one fruit snack in between. 

I feel light, energetic, sleep extremely well and end up consuming less than 1600 calories – because how much can one eat in 6 hours. 

No loss of energy at all. 

2. High protein diet 

Tempeh, paneer, soya, dal, egg white, whey protein – a combination of these everyday adding up to 130-140gms of protein. 

While I have been working out everyday for the past 10 years, these 2 elements were missing. 

I used to eat 3 meals a day (last meal at 6:30, first at 9am) with 2 snacks in between. 

And the diet used to be high carb and medium protein. 

This diet change has made my workouts extremely effective and the results are showing. 

As I said – this is now for life! 

Loving it ????