Someone recently asked me this.
I know a lot of you are also going through this. 

Here is my response:

It’s likely because you have put the pressure of everyone’s expectations (including that of yourself) on yourself.
AND have added a deadline to meet that expectation.

It’s natural.
We all go through this.
There’s nothing wrong with you.
Or your life.

It’s just likely that you are living someone else’s life.
A life that has been decided by you, by your parents, by your siblings, by your friends, or by the world at large.
A life that has told you that you are a failure if you don’t have a job by 25, if you don’t get married and have kids by 30, if you don’t buy that house, if you don’t drive that car, if you don’t have that bank balance.
And you didn’t question them.
You just started aiming for that life. 

But it wasn’t your life, was it?
So it is not surprising that you lost interest in living that life.
Everyday, you would get up and drag yourself to show up.
Because you had to become someone else to live that life. 

You were running away from yourself. 

Run towards yourself.
No matter how hard it seems.
Because the only way to listen to yourself, is to block the noise from the world.
And you deserve that silence. 

Define your own success.
Or else, another year will go by and you will feel the same way.
Not yourself.