As a society, we suck at how we react to an apology. 
Especially when we are mad at the other person. 
I won
Hah, finally admitted their mistake 
I had been saying it all along, hadn’t I 
Don’t ever do it again 
Why did you even do it 
What were you thinking 
It’s too late 

Let’s admit – apologizing isn’t easy. So whenever it happens, can we be gracious and accept it? 
Every single time? 
Thank you for owning up
This just not have been easy
I was hurt, but this helps
I trust you to know what to do the next time 
It’s ok. I am sure you didn’t do it on purpose 
Shit happens

Worst are the moments when we chose not to respond at all. 
Our misplaced sense of victory takes over, places us on a high ground with no foundation and makes us believe that will teach the other side a lesson. 
It doesn’t. But you knew that already. 
An apology from the other side doesn’t mean you won
But if you do not respond, it surely means you lost