2016 Resolutions

  • Record at least 10 cover songs in my voice – 10/10

I sang more than 500 songs this year – and eventually recorded 30+. Might showcase some of them publicly for feedback

  • Write at least 150 blog posts and at least 100 medium posts – 7/10

Wrote 197 blog posts

However, medium didnt do so well for me, which is a big disappointment. I really like the medium and one of my goals for 2017 is to move my blog from wordpress to Medium.

Instead, I shifted my focus to Linkedin and ended up writing over 50 posts there. Generated over 250,000 views

Quora continued well – logged a crazy 3.8Mn views this year!

  • Have lunch individually with 200 nearbuy colleagues – 8/10

Had 172 lunches with nearbuy colleagues – some unreal, unbelievable stories – some genuinely passionate and driven people – some inspiring to the hilt – some happy to the extent of being contagious.

  • Take 7 weekend vacations with family – 6/10

Could manage only 4 vacations this year, much to the dismay of Ruchi. At a personal level, I worry that my need for a vacation seems to have completely gone.

  • Not look at my phone once I reach home from work, till my wife goes to sleep – 3/10

Followed this for 2 weeks, I assume. And then was back to my normal self. This is an area where I have genuinely failed. However, one thing that I decided to follow was not bring my laptop home during the weekdays. Everyday I simply come back – not carry stuff back. One may argue that has increased my phone time once home, but not having the laptop does make a big difference.