Not the real one (am not judging). 

But the one you get in corporate life. It goes like this. 

A colleague comes up with a problem. Seeking a solution. 

And you give a solution. 

Instantly. Right then and there. 

That instant solution is your cocaine. 

That instant decision making is your drug. 

You love it. You feel good about yourself. You solve stuff. Instantly. With minimal information. You have never said “I don’t know” or “let me think about it” or asked “what do you think about it” or “how would you solve it”. 

You just solved it. You are an instant problem solver. 

Here is the deal with instant problem solvers

They don’t respect their own time. They love the noise or people walking up without notice, looking for solutions. 

And they don’t respect your problems. If they did they won’t have the urge to solve it for you. 

Instant problem solving is cocaine

Cocaine is bad for you. And people around you