If you continue doing what you do, you will continue being what you have been.

Nothing changes, except when you want to change!


I have been home for almost 1.5 months now. And have learnt some awesome things that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

– You don’t need to go to office to get work done.

– It’s awesome when your son wakes from his sleep at noon, and comes to say hello for 5 minutes. Everything else stops

– Your body can stand on one leg. You won’t be fast, but you can still move! And that matters the most

– But not being able to move fast sucks. Sucks big time.

– It is not about where you go to take a break. Even your balcony, in the evening, seems like a whole new world!

– After everything else is done, it is your family that stays with you! Nothing else matters.

Pits a change I didn’t want. But it’s a change I am thankful for!