Then our dear behenji should thank you. No..not for the rally where she spent 200 crores…not for the (5 crore!!??) money garland as well…and definitely not for the statues that she has built all over (not missing the purse though), but for this!

Mayawati has launched a high level probe into how a huge swarm of honey bees descended on Maya’s podium during her speech at her Rs 200 cr mega rally in Lucknow yesterday. The bees landed on the roof of the stage and made a hive below where the CM stood, after invading the Rama Bai Ambedkar maidan, the venue of the rally held to celebrate the party’s 25th anniversary

If this isnt WTF-ness of the highest order, here is the mother of all WTFness the world will ever get to see

Mayawati’s party alleges that the appearance of the bees is a political conspiracy. Pointing to mischief, the UP Government has ordered an inquiry

At times I wish I earn less…so that my taxes could have only gone as far as the garland and the rally. But the bee-sting high level committee? We are doomed. This woman makes me feel scared of the 33% reservation than anything else!

And while we are at it, can someone please file an RTI to get a copy of this report, when it comes out after 7 years. Am sure Ripley will buy it for a handsome price…

Did you pay your taxes – 1