“Your time management course is impractical. I was looking for some path-breaking time management techniques to fix my problem of procrastination.”

The other day I got this in an email from a learner.

Sorry to break her heart, but I had to say it:

“There is no path-breaking technique to live life.
There just isn’t.”

Back in school, I used to maintain a notebook, where I listed down what I did. Every hour!
And at the end of the day, I used to calculate the effectiveness ratio.

My aim was to always be above 75% effectiveness.

This pic shares a snapshot of the excel I maintained back at ISB, tracking my time!

I know exactly what I was doing at 9.30 am on Nov 5th, 2005. Giving a midterm exam!

Life is simple, my friend.

We all look for answers, because we are convinced that life is complicated. And that there is some magic formula that will solve everything.

That just isn’t true.

You want to get fit?
Simple – eat right and workout.

You want to manage time?
Simple – start measuring where you spend it.

You want to get better at relationships?
Simple – give more than you take.

You want to grow at your job?
Simple – challenge the status quo, at the risk of failing.The answers are always simple. Not easy. They are hard.
But, the answers are always SIMPLE!