Recall the first time you drove a car! It’s a miracle that our feet, hands and eyes coordinate that 2,000kg machine. Especially if it’s a stick-gear car.

That’s a lot of moving parts at one time – within us and the car!

Recall how that felt the last time you drove a car.

Nearly not as much as a miracle, I assume!

To the extent we added more moving parts.



Checking messages

Paying tolls

Road rage :)

I don’t know if you have ever tried, the next time you are driving, try and pay attention to your feet and hands. What they too.

It’s likely you will be left amazed yet again at how this is so natural to you now.

Same goes for tying a tie.

Same goes for writing.

Same goes for typing.

Same goes for brushing.

Same goes for buttoning your shirt.

Tying your shoe laces.

It’s all a habit now!

A habit that you don’t pay attention to anymore, and it continues to deliver. Almost without fail.

And if you were to pay attention to it any day, you might just falter.

Habits will win over awareness, almost everyday, in the battle of life.

The question then is – what are you habits?