I recently met my school friends, 25 years after graduating.

One of them recalled a trip we took together in 2006.
I was 26 back then.
I was sharing with him back then that all of my life’s definition of success was pegged to one thing: “Owning a Honda CRV” :))

It sounds so unlike me today.

In school, success was getting into the IIT.
In college, success was going to the US.
In MBA college, success was a consulting job.
At work, success was a fancy car.
Later on, success was receiving awards.
In my startup, success was becoming a unicorn.
Today, success is owning my time.

I changed.
So did my definition of success.

You will change too.
That’s okay.

?But that ought to change your definition of success too.

Do not remain married to a version of you that doesn’t exist anymore.