Answer by Ankur Warikoo:

For 5 years I maintained a daily written log of how I spent my day, hour by hour. Thus calculating the efficiency ratio – percentage of my day spent on "efficient stuff". Aim was to increase that by 10% yoy

Until I met my girlfriend (and current wife) I used to wear cream pants with cream shirts!

I have written my masters thesis on excel! I make presentations on excel as much as I can!

I cried endlessly in high school when I realized that I had got the cube root of 5 wrong, spoiling a 3-mark question completely. I scored 97%!

I also cried when I couldn't (till the last hour) manage a pass to a Stephan Hawking talk in Delhi, when several other lesser mortals (people who wanted to hear a computer talk) had got one!

I have a masters in astrophysics.

I don't think I remain a nerd anymore! :(

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