The nearbuy team was at ISB this Tuesday, for a PrePlacement Talk. 

We decided to follow an unorthodox application process. 

  • We will not accept black and white resume. There needs to be some color added
  • When you apply, you need to name one more candidate who you think deserves the role more than you

We are told this has created quite some activity on campus. 

Do I need to add color in spirit, or actually add some real color?

Does it need to be creative or colorful? 

Does font color qualify as color?

Will I be rejected if it isn’t colorful enough? 

The campus resume template was a comfort zone. They knew what they had to do. And it was easy to establish that you fit in. 

And we broke the template. We changed the format. 

And when formats are broken it makes people anxious. Or makes them work harder. 

Or both. 

Irrespective, the output is magically different from what would have been the case. It will reflect emotional labor. 

The world doesn’t need one more format. 

It needs one more rebel.