Over the past 12 years of entrepreneurship, I have:

  • Raised millions in funding
  • Managed to startup again after being fired
  • Shared company profits with the team consistently

All of these things have taught me a tremendous amount about what matters in life, and what doesn’t.

These are my new 5 rules for life:

1. Creating Personal Wealth for me and my team

Best done through a bootstrapped startup, which is what I am building.

2. Building an institution where people love to come to work

Bean bags and free lunches are easy. To build a place where people would love to come to work, is the real game.

3. Creating content

I wish more people knew that someone somewhere is getting inspired because you decide to share your journey. You have a moral responsibility to share!

4. Leading people

One of the fundamental mistakes I made early on was to believe people didn’t want to be led. Wrong.
People want to be led. Not managed.

5. Telling the truth

I am a fervent truth seeker. And that is what I uphold for others.
Truth may not be the most pleasant thing to hear. But it certainly makes your life more pleasant by showing you the mirror.

What are your rules for life?