Fortune 40U40.

Seems so epic!

I won Fortune 40U40 for 2 years of the 4 years I was CEO of Groupon India.

It was a lovely role – great money, global role, high visibility, however, something that did not require a lot of effort. 

And then I started nearbuy.
The BEST years of my life.

Worked my best.
Built a great team.
Created a whole new brand from scratch.
Managed massive lows.
While celebrating immense highs. 

And I never won the award again!


Truth be told, I did feel bad once all the awards stopped coming my way, after I started nearbuy.

When I had an easy job at Groupon, I was spoken of.
When I worked the hardest ever, no one noticed.

It turns out that the award is rarely paid to the person.
It is paid for the positions we hold.